Digital Women Bootcamp

The Digital Women Bootcamp (#DWBC) is a free, virtual, 8-week tech bootcamp designed for women especially mothers. The program is 100% virtual, donor driven and volunteer led.

#DWBC is designed to equip women especially mums with digital and technical skills to enable them actively participate in and contribute to the digital economy, boost their careers and earn higher incomes.

We seek to raise more awareness, encourage the entry, retention and advancement of more women into tech careers by providing digital and technical skills training to 2000 mums and women yearly and 10,000 by the year 2025.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To support mums seeking to be equipped with skills to join the workforce after nursing breaks;
  • To provide tech and digital skills training and mentorship to career women especially mums from non-traditional tech background;
  • To equip women especially mums with digital literacy skills for work/life.

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Training Tracks

We give our students a chance to break into tech or upskill in any of the in-demand tech areas below.

Front-End Programming

Server-side Programming

Data Analysis

Data Science

Cloud Computing

Digital Storytelling & Design

UI/UX Design

Web Design

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We promote decent jobs for women, tech diversity & skills development.

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